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Investment Loans

Are you a real estate entrepreneur?

Are you a savvy investor diversifying your portfolio with real estate?

Investment loans are popular among real estate investors and entrepreneurs. The primary purpose behind this loan is to help you purchase an investment property, either for long-term appreciation or rental income.

Investment loans vary from standard home loans, including different interest rates and eligibility requirements. Investment loans:

  • Have different loan-to-value ratio (LVR);
  • Strict eligibility criteria;
  • Higher interest rates;
  • Different documentation process.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows investors to claim deductions for real estate investments. As an investor, you can reduce your annual taxable income significantly with these deductions. Some of the most popular rebates, deductions are:

  • Interest paid on the borrowed capital;
  • Agent commission;
  • Construction expenses, aka “capital works;”
  • Property insurance, theft protection, or landlord insurance;
  • Legal fees;
  • Miscellaneous expenses in the upkeep of the property.

iCare Finance is a leading facilitator of investment loans in the region. We can provide investment loans in the range of $1 Million to $25 Million. iCare Finance works with multiple national, public, and private lenders, giving us the flexibility to source investment loans in record times.

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