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Are you trying to consolidate your existing loans?

Do you want to unlock the equity in your house?

A refinance loan is a debt instrument that you access when you want to pay down your existing loan with a new loan, either for favourable repayment terms or to unlock the equity in your house.

Why should consider refinancing?

  • Allow you to consolidate existing debt or high-interest debt
  • Provide access to the stored financial value of your house
  • Help you benefit from lower interest rates
  • Allow adding new features to your loan (offset account, redraw facility)

Refinancing loans come with additional responsibilities and challenges. You must analyse the overall long-term benefits of the loan against its cost and prepare a financial roadmap before putting in the application.

iCare Finance will help you analyse different refinancing options. Our team will help you identify the most beneficial features in accordance with your financial requirements, circumstances. We’ll find out the best refinancing loan available in the market and help you complete the process as swiftly as possible.

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